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The Power of Youth

Photo: Vesna Perovnik

Design / Piranesi 46/47

The Power of Youth

Young Architects in the Field of Design - from Interiors to Arts and Crafts

by Kristina Dešman

Exhibition The Power of Youth. Young Architects in the Field of Design

Twelve young architects who have ventured into the world of design.

Photo: Vesna Perovnik

One of the definitions of design, in this case industrial design,  is that it “studies function and form – and the connection between product, user, and environment.”[1] For the field of architecture, the definition could be rephrased as follows, as one of many possible partial definitions of the practice: architecture is the exploration of function and form, with the essential link between the built environment, the user and the environment. Design and architecture meet in defining the relationship between form and function, and in their relationship to the user and the environment – what is different is their scale of activity. Are architects good designers? Why do architects take up design, especially young ones? What are their views, their working principles, what guides, inspires and bothers them? These were just some of the questions posed by the exhibition The World Stands on Youth! Architects in the field of design.

The connection, even an overlap, between the fields of design and architecture is of course not accidental. Architecture is an ancient profession, while (industrial) design emerged after the Industrial Revolution, it only really gained momentum in the 20th century, and developed with high modernism and the Bauhaus school. Throughout history, many of the objects that are now part of the design canon were designed by architects: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Arne Jacobson, Gio Ponti, Zaha Hadid, and Patricia Urquiola, to name but a few of such names.

Photo: Vesna Perovnik

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_design (31 July 2022).

Project Data

Exhibitors: Lara Baler in Matic Komel, Jan Barič, Gašper Fabijan, Elvis Jerkič, Aleš Kacin, Luka Ločičnik, Urh Wiegele, FOLDS_Anja Mencinger in Nikolaj Salaj, Mertelj Vrabič Arhitekti_Maša Mertelj in Matic Vrabič, Studio AINO_Luka Fabjan in Urša Križman, Studio Moste_Klara Zalokar in Klemen Zupančič, Studio Prapra_Sara Badovinac in Peter Zabret

Curators: Kristina Dešman, Špela Kuhar, Vesna Perovnik, Damjana Zaviršek Hudnik

Poster design: Nena Gabrovec

Produced by: Zavod Dessa – arhitekturni center, Židovska steza 4, Ljubljana, 2021