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Set Design

Photo: Adrijan Pregelj (Arhiv RTVSLO)

Design / Piranesi 44/45

Set Design

Two-dimensional Spaces

by Mateja Panter

The abstract imaginary lands of television set design, where real studio set-ups are transformed by optical illusions into the multifaceted experiences of flat-screen users.

The most innovative and attractive set designs on Slovenian public television have been designed by set designer Greta Godnič. When we look at them with the benefit of hindsight of ten years or more, they still strike us as utterly contemporary; I therefore claim that they are timeless, which is a testament to the quality of her work. Over the years, she has mastered her craft to perfection and her set designs still reign on the screens of Slovenian TVs.

An architect by profession, she is employed by Slovenia Television. She says herself that she lives for set design and feels privileged to be able to do it. She has also tried her hand at set design in theatre, where there is no camera, and on film, where a realistic environment is created. She has found that television set design is the most appealing for her, as she can create her own abstract story and feel the magic of translating the space onto the screen. Perseverance, expertise, talent, and continuous education are reflected in her work as the emptiness of television studios is transformed into ever new experiences.

Photo: Črt Birsa
Photo: Črt Birsa

The complete article is published in Winter 2021 issue of Piranesi No. 44-45/Vol. 29.